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Creative Friendz is a Web3Art Project under Creative Commons (BY-SA) that's creative-focused. The project was founded by Pedro Orlando, with art by German Gonzalez, award wining artist and designer! Creative Friendz is aimed to build a web3 community for all of us creators, from designers and illustrators to content creators, musicians, photographers, writers, and we welcome all creative individuals.

Creative Friendz is intended to be a diverse and inclusive Creative Collective.


Creative Friendz has four distinctive collections. The main collection with 8888 pieces, a second collection called Creative Friendz Legendz where we recognize our most fun, and supportive members, and third one called Creative Friendz Stories where we play a bit more with fun concepts and pop culture; and a fourth one called Creative Friendz Peeps with customized ones for selected community memebers.

Creative Friendz it's a Web3 Art Project for creatives - no roadmap, just creative vibes.



Founder & Creator
Pedro is the founder of Creative Friendz & The Bubols projects. He is a "finance guy" with experience building companies, products and startups for creators. He builds for the creator economy. He is also a content creator, photographer, web3 founder & sci-fi geek!


Artist & Co-Creator
German is the Artist behind Creative Friendz! He is an award winning graphic designer & digital illustrator. He works in fashion, music, and mostly in the editorial field for the top brands we all know and love! He also has amazing creative NFTs collections on Foundation!

Creative Commons

Creative Friendz Creative Friendz NFT collection is licensed under CC BY-SA, a license that supports creativity and collaboration. This license allows users to remix, adapt, and build upon the artwork for various purposes, including commercial projects. To adhere to the intellectual property approach, users must credit "©Creative Friendz" and apply the same CC BY-SA license to any new creations derived from the collection.

The Creative Friendz NFT collection offers an opportunity for innovation and exploration within the community

Creative Collective

The Creative Friendz community is not part of The Creative Collective has transitioned from Discord to the platform. This change was made to provide a more streamlined and robust environment for members to interact, collaborate, and share ideas. For those interested in joining the Creative Friendz community, please visit to participate in discussions and stay updated on the latest news and events.


The supply, price & date?
How to Allowlist to mint?
What is the utility?
What are NFTs?
Will there be a Public Sale?


At Creative Friendz we want to be sure we reduce our impact as much as possible, that's why we made our contract a 721A. This contract is the same used as other big projects. This optimized 721A smart contract allowed holders to mint more than one units for basically the same cost as one. This reduces the total gas someone will have to incur per transactions & also reduces the environmental impact a bit.


Interested in @CreativeFriendz
Please reach out via Twitter to @orlandopedro_
Do Not Click on any DM, Message, or Link that's not official. Creative Friendz is a membership, and it's Digital Collectibles in form of NFTs and do not have any intrinsic economic value. Nothing here or related with Creative Friendz represents financial advice, related to or implies any direct or indirect economic return associated with it. Creative Friendz is a collective of creatives under a membership granted by holding any of the Digital Collectibles NFTs.
Copyright of the artwork attached to the collectible remains with © German Gonzales and related IP with © Orlando Pedro - for more information head over to or read more on Terms & Conditions